Le français 7a/b - None Le français 8a/b - The Montreal Metro for Tuesday, March 5th, 2019.


Le français 7a/b - Be ready for a quick check at the end of this week or the beginning of next (it will be of the focus vocab). Le français 8a/b - Finish packet that corresponds to the online activity (word search and reading)


Le français 7a/b - J'aime/Je n'aime pas - pg. 33, 34, 35 (A, B, C) top of page Le français 8a/b -  none


Le français.  As this is the last day of the progress reporting period, you should check your schooltool and make certain that all of your missing assignments are complete.  There are assignments on Google Classroom that need to be completed.  Please make sure that those assignments are completed as well.  Have a great weekend.              


Le français 7a/b -  You should finish labelling your cards and have them ready to go to laminate tomorrow during class time. Le français 8a/b - Finish finding the vocab


Monday is journal day.  7th grade has the journal word beaucoup de for the requirement.  Remember 7th graders that you are using the verb être and mon, ma or mes!  See if you can combine them into one sentence. 8th grade remember that you have to use a journal word as well, but it is your choice - the more you use the more MJs you may receive so use away.  


Happy Chinese New Year for our international students! We have a quick check tomorrow 02.06 for both the 8th and 7th grades.  Study your vocab!